Bird Sitter, Reptile Sitter Serving Troutville, Botetourt and Surrounding areas

Bird sitter.  Reptile care. Fish care. Need help for your feathered and scaled friends while your away too?

No problem.  I have experience with all kind of pets including birds, reptiles, lizards, bearded dragons, frogs, snakes, fresh water fish and aquariums, and salt water fish and aquariums.  If it flys, swims, crawls or slithers…. I’m your go-to pet sitter for taking care of them while you are away.

Click here to schedule an initial free consultation.  Care for birds and exotics is quite different than pet sitting for dogs and cats.  The care each needs can be very unique to each one.  I meet with you (and your buddies) to make sure I know all details for everyones needs.

You can find my list of standard services here.     View our Pet Sitting Agreement (will open in new window), read our FAQs about the initial visit (will open in new window), and contact me to setup a convenient time so we can get everything in place before your next vacay!

( Do you have other types of pets too?  Most of my clients do and I’m happy to take care of everyone during the same visits! )

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I’d love to take care of your feathered friends while you are on vacation.  But … if you’re looking to take them with you, read up on these tips and tricks first!