I love animals … furry ones, feathered ones, and even ones with scales, fins, horns, and hooves! I have many animals that I care for on a daily basis or when needed while the family takes a vacation or business trip.

So you can image that our list of pet sitting services is pretty varied.  Below I’ve provided a list of the most common services requested.  As a small pet sitting service, I can customize services based on what each family and animal needs.  Reach out if your fur and feather babies need something that you don’t see below.

dog sitter, dog walker

Pet Sitter, Pet Care and Visit Services

Initial Pet Sitting Consultation Visit

This visit is always free.  I like to use this visit to introduce myself to your family and your pets.  I get to know each animal, they get familiar with me and I get an understanding of the scope of care needed.  I can also provide a custom quote at this time based on services you need.  This is a no obligation visit and no money will be requested at this time. View our Pet Sitting and Boarding Agreement  (will open in new window), read our FAQs about this initial visit (will open in new window), and contact us to setup a convenient time.

20-Minute Pet Visit – $20

This level of pet sitting service is suitable for either cats, dogs or small pets that need a litter box or small cage clean-out, feeding, and watering or to be let outside to do their business.  I can typically let the dogs out, feed and water the pets, collect eggs or refill small farm feeders and give farm animals fresh water.

30-Minute Pet Visit –  $25

This option includes the same activities as our 20-Minute visit and adds some much-loved doggie playtime, a quick dog walk, or time to take care of several animals during the same visit.

1-Hour Pet Visit –  $30

If you have a house full of precious pets, a high-energy pet that needs a lot of playtime, or a small farm, this level of pet sitting service will fit perfectly.  In this 1-Hour visit I’ll  take care of everything included in our shorter visit services,  but I can also get multiple dog walks in!  This is also a perfect level of service if you have a small farm, need milk collection, egg collection,  or to have larger stalls or pens cleaned out.

Specialty Dog, Cat, Bird, Reptile, and Small Farm Care Services

Pet Transport –  $30 per hour

Need some help getting the furry and feathers ones to the vet, doggie daycare,  or for a grooming appointment?  Happy to help!  I charge in 15-minute increments for this service with time starting at pickup and ending when we arrive back home.  Learn about how I make sure pets stay safe during transport from our FAQsGive me a call if you have any questions.  You can find the form for Pet Transport Service here.

Pet Supply Pick-Up –  $30 per hour

Need supplies for your pet or small farm animals?  If things are too busy to make it happen, I’m happy to step in and pickup that feed, run to the vet for medicine, or whatever pet related errand you need done to make your day less hectic.

I bill in 15-minute increments for pet supply pickup and time starts when I arrive at the store and ends when I deliver the items as needed.  Note that this assumes a store located within Roanoke or Botetourt.  If you are outside that area, additional fees may apply for longer distances.  Oh, and you’ll need to work out payment arrangements for the supplies with the vet or store ahead of time.

Pooper-Scooper Detail –  $30 per hour

As they say, “It’s a dirty job…. but someone has to do it”.  Whether it’s cleanup around the yard, stall or pen, I can help get rid of the pooh for you!   I do need to custom quote for this service since the scope can vary so much.  But a fixed quote will be given for you to approve before the work begins.

Pet Playtime or Walks –  $30 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Staying inside all day can be difficult for an new puppy or active dog.  And “holding it” all day is a BIG challenge.  Sometimes just a little walk or playtime can help get that energy out and resolve separation and behavior issues that some dogs have.   I can also include a walk or playtime as an add-on to the Basic Level of care services.

Mail, Paper, and Trashcan Services

Going away for a few days?  Most people need the pets taken care of, but bringing in the mail,  paper, and trashcans needs to be done too.  I’m happy to include these services while taking care of your pets!

Watering the Plants –  Included in our Pet care rates

The plants need a little love too!  I’m happy to water your plants when taking care of your furry and feathered friends.  Please note that if you have a small jungle  🙂 or large number of plants, I may need to charge an additional fee.

House Sitting Only – $20 to $30 per visit

Don’t have any furry or feathered friends around your house or you have them boarded while you are gone?  Worried about your house while you are away?  I am happy to stop in and do a general house check while you are away.  Services can include checking mail, watering plants, taking trash cans to the curb, switching on different lights each day, and checking for any general house issues.  (Think water leaks or a heat/ac unit issue)  Cost $20 – $30 per visit depending on location and what needs to be done.